Original Article

Triple Methylprednisolone Injections for Simple Humerus Cysts at One-month Intervals


  • Murat Çakar
  • Ahmet Murat Bülbül

Received Date: 28.12.2017 Accepted Date: 12.02.2018 Eur Arc Med Res 2018;34(2):132-136


The aim of this study was to retrospectively assess treatment of humerus simple cysts in the childhood period with 3 methylprednisolone injections at monthly intervals.

Material and Method:

A total of 38 patients with simple humerus bone cyst were included in the study. Twenty patients were girls and 18 were boys. The mean age was 7.8 (4-14) years. Under anesthesia patients had methylprednisolone administered three times at the thinnest point of the cortex under fluoroscopy control. Early movement was begun and they were discharged on the same day. Healing was assessed according to the Neer classification.


Patients were monitored for mean 32 months (12- 60). Thirty-one (81.5%) patients recovered. 21 were classified as Neer type 1, 10 were Neer type 2, and 6 were Neer type 3. A fracture developed in a patient classified as Neer type 4. Three patients developed color changes on the skin after the 3rd injection. Two patients (5%) were identified to have unequal upper extremity lengths.


The low cost and complication rate and short hospital stay have added to the popularity of humerus simple cyst treatment with methylprednisolone injection. With different administration forms, 3 methylprednisolone treatments at one month intervals is a very effective method.

Keywords: bone cyst, humerus, simple bone cyst, steroid injection