Case Report

The Motion in the Abdomen of the Swallowed Needle: Case Report


  • Refik Bademci
  • Özlem Öndeş Bayar
  • Sezgin Zeren
  • Erman Sobutay
  • Arzu Akan
  • Giray Yavuz
  • Yavuz Eryavuz

Received Date: 21.05.2013 Accepted Date: 26.12.2013 Eur Arc Med Res 2014;30(2):101-104

Swallowing of foreign body is one of the common reason for application of emergency patients to the hospitals. It is more common in children than adults. It is mainly seen between 4 months - 4 years children. In adults it is usually associated with mental or psychiatric failure.

In terms of incidence and demographic features, there is no statistically significant research about foreign body swallowing. However there is a significant increase in the patients who suffer from foreign body swallowing.One of the main cause of foreign body swallowing in our contry is swallowing of pin during puting on veil in religious women. Most common foreign bodies are; metalic coins,toy components, watch batteries, needles, fish bone and chicken bones.

In our case; we want to imply about the importance of the complications of foreign body swallowing and be more carefull while treating these patients.

Keywords: mental, pin, foreign body