Original Article

Our Experiences of Anesthesia in Hip Surgery


  • Ayşın Ersoy
  • Zekeriya Ervatan
  • Achmet Ali
  • Deniz Kara
  • Esengül Sağ
  • Müjdat Adaş

Received Date: 19.11.2012 Accepted Date: 25.12.2012 Eur Arc Med Res 2013;29(1):33-36


Most of the patients who had hip surgery are elderly. In geriatric patients who have cardiac, endocrine, renal, cerebral, and respiratory disease have increased risk of perioperative mortality and morbidity. In this patients, the techniques of regional anesthesia like spinal or epidural anesthesia are more preferred than general anesthesia. Our study includes experiences in 300 hip surgery cases which have been achieved in our hospital within 1 year.

Material and Methods:

We evaluated retrospectively 300 patients who had undergone hip surgery between August 2011-July 2012, in two different operating room.


Operations were performed with spinal anesthesia in 155 (51.6 %) patients, spinal-epidural anesthesia in 86 (28.6 %) patients and general anesthesia in 59 (19.8 %) patients.


The choice of anesthetic technique, should be made by taking into account the practical experience and skills of the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Keywords: hip surgery, spinal anesthesia, epidural anesthesia