Fundamentals of Metabolic Surgery, Nutritional Pathophysiology, İleal Proximalization Without “Functional Limitations” and Malabsorption


  • Alper Çelik

Received Date: 05.05.2015 Accepted Date: 15.07.2015 Eur Arc Med Res 2015;31(1):82-85

Metabolic surgery means the treatment of any metabolic disease by surgical means and, it is a broad specialization that covers obesity surgery as well. In clinical practice, metabolic surgery means the surgical treatment of non-obese and overweight diabetic patients. In this respect, metabolic surgery differentiates from obesity surgery as it aims to establish blood sugar control. Because the main goal of obesity surgery is to achieve weight control, and sees blood sugar control merely as a side benefit. In any case and for any disease, it is imperative for the surgical community to harness surgical expertise and art with the accumulated knowledge about disease physiopathology and through this process, act with the consciousness of why and what he/she is doing. This article has been written by evaluating the disease we try to treat and the compounds of this disease within causes-results relationship and with the purpose of guiding all healthcare professionals who prepare to embark upon metabolic surgery journey.

Keywords: functional restriction, ileal proxsimalisation, metabolic surgery