Original Article

Evaluation of Toxoplasma gondii Seroprevalence Among Women of Childbearing Age Group in İstanbul


  • Elçin Akduman Alaşehir
  • Görkem Yaman

Received Date: 09.03.2017 Accepted Date: 19.04.2018 Eur Arc Med Res 2018;34(2):158-162


The aim of this study is to investigate the seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in women of reproductive age group who are referred to our hospital.

Material and Methods:

Toxoplasma Ig M and Ig G antibodies of 15-49 year old women who admitted to Maltepe University Medical Faculty Hospital Microbiology Laboratory between January 2011 and September 2016 were analyzed by macro ELISA (Architect, Abbott, USA).


Ig M positivity was detected in 18 (0.94%) of the 1923 serum samples while 6 (0.31%) samples were in border- line range. Toxoplasma IgG positivity was detected in 413 (21.58%) of the 1913 serum samples while 20 (1.04%) samples were in border-line range. When the distribution of toxoplasma IgM positivity according to ages was examined, positivity was found at 24-39 age range.


The low seropositivity rates suggests that screening for Toxoplasma antibodies before and during pregnancy will be effective.In addition to informing the women of childbearing age about protection from the disease, physicians should be informed about evaluation of the tests and follow up during pregnancy.

Keywords: Toxoplasma gondii, the women of childbearing age, seroprevalence, Istanbul