Original Article

Evaluation of Breast Masses with Diffusion MRI and Elastography


  • Duçem Gerger
  • Zafer Ünsal Coş
  • Aslı Ertürk
  • Şükrü Uzun

Received Date: 27.07.2011 Accepted Date: 19.02.2013 Eur Arc Med Res 2013;29(1):8-14


Breast cancer, is the second most common malignancy among women after lung cancer in developed countries. The rate of death from breast cancer takes the 1th place among cancer mortalities at women. The early detection of tumor is very important in the prognosis. The aim of this study is to determine the added value of breast elastography and breast Diffusion MRI to breast ultrasound and mamography in the detection of breast cancer to assess the morphological findings of the tumor accurately and to compare the results with them.

Material and Methods:

31 patients with with the complaints of palpable breast mass and nipple discharge who applied to Okmeydanı and Research Hospital surgery department and radiology departmnet were included to the study. The ages ranges were between 24 and 71 with a mean age of of 49,65±12,84 patients were first evaluated with U.S. and/or mammography. All the patients then underwent Diffusion MRI and elastography.


Patients were divided into benign group with a number of 9 (27.3 %) and malignant group with a number of 2 (72.7 %) according to the results of tru-cut biopsy and fine needle biopsy results 7 of 22 malignant lesions (31.8 %) and 1 of 9 benign lesions were in malignant spectrum acording to their scores (score 4 and 5) on elastography examination. Acording to diffusion MRI and ADC mapping of 31 lesions, 22 were malignant. Only one lesion did not show diffusion restriction.


In this study sensitivity and specifity of elastography and ADC values were 31.82 %, 95.40 %, and 88.89 %, 88.89 %, respectively. No statistically significant difference was observed between benign and malignant patient groups by means of mean values of elastography (p=0.305). Mean ADC values were significantly lower in malignant patient group compared with benign group (p=0.0001). When concluded that, the greatest accuracy was achieved with the Diffusion MRI and ADC values.

Keywords: Breast diffusion MRI, breast elastography, breast cancer