Earthquake; Trauma, Crush Syndrome and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


  • Namigar Turgut
  • Gökhan Adaş
  • Adem Akçakaya
  • Tarkan Mıngır
  • Cem Topuz
  • Asime Ay

Received Date: 20.08.2012 Accepted Date: 28.11.2012 Eur Arc Med Res 2012;28(2):135-147

Crush syndrome, caused by rhabdomyolysis resulting from trauma, is a systemic condition which is predisposing to many medical / surgical complications and is the second cause of death after direct trauma in earthquakes. All the victims, suffering mild or severe muscle injury after earthquakes, are at risk of crush syndrome and acute renal failure. Patients with this type of trauma should be immediately transferred to intensive cares of nearby hospitals and monitored with a multidisciplinary approach in intensive care. During this acute period; coordination of ambulance services, fire fighting organizations, disaster medical units, hospital disaster units is required, since close clinical follow-up is vital. Documentation and reporting of clinical findings and complications to the coordination center immediately will provide significant benefits in terms of logistic planning.

Keywords: Crush Syndrome, Earthquake, Renal Failure